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IDPA stencil arms 1 изображение 1

IDPA stencil arms 1

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  • According to the IDPA rules, penalty targets (non-hazardous) must be marked, in addition to the shooter not getting used to skipping any printed targets, valid (dangerous) targets are sometimes labeled with the image of a weapon (pistol or knife). It is for these purposes that we have developed stencils, with the help of which marking on the target is easy. It is enough to attach the stencil to the target and spray paint with a spray can - you will get a clear image with contrasting borders. In this case, you can buy a Arms 1  stencil. In addition to this stencil, we have stencils available for purchase:

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    Stencils are made of plastic that is resistant to aggressive paints and can be reused.

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